February 13, 2019

Benefits of annual health assessments

A lot can change in a year or two
Book an annual Health Assessment at False Creek Healthcare Centre

Through one of our annual health assessments offered at False Creek Healthcare Centre, we’re giving you the choice to get proactive about your healthcare.

Annual Comprehensive Health Assessment

This is a personalized, head-to-toe assessment of your health performed by one of our physicians and a team of expert medical professionals, to determine your unique risk profile. We take a detailed look at your full medical history and includes complete ultrasound, physical exam, and cardiovascular tests and examinations.

What are the benefits of an annual comprehensive health assessment?

An assessment allows you to proactively manage your short and long-term health by understanding your current condition, and identify potential health risks. It will also provide you a roadmap for achieving optimum managed health.

What tests are involved and what do you receive after?

This detailed assessment of your medical history includes ultrasound, physical, and cardiovascular tests and examinations. You will receive a written report with the results of the physical exam, laboratory testing, a ‘health risk’ appraisal and general health recommendations. This report will be your benchmark to compare with future assessments.

Cardiac Health Assessment

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer and source of disability for both men and women in North America, and kills more Canadians and Americans than the next seven causes of death combined – including cancer. Each, year more than one million North Americans suffer from a heart attack, which is often fatal.

The Cardiac Protection Plan at False Creek Healthcare Centre gives you exclusive access to world-class cardiovascular and cardiology expertise and technology. The Cardiac Protection Plan will assess your current cardiac health, identify any issues or potential problems, and recommend a protection plan to limit risks for cardiovascular disease.

Women’s Health Assessment

Women have many different health needs and concerns than men – from their bones, hearts, and breasts, to their hormonal balance and reproductive systems. A personalized and comprehensive medical assessment can address these unique requirements. The Women’s Wellness Program is designed to identify medical concerns and problems early when disease is most easily prevented and managed.

This customized program addresses women’s unique health concerns at every stage of life.

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