April 16, 2019

Centric Talks: Learn from Dr. Yasser El-Sheikh on Common Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Questions

We sat down with Dr. Yasser El-Sheikh, our Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon for Centric Health Surgical Centre Toronto, to get his thoughts on some of the most common questions about plastic & cosmetic surgery.

CHSCT: What do you think is the one thing that people should know when it comes to getting a cosmetic surgery done?

Dr. El-Sheikh: Cosmetic surgery is not a one-size fits all procedure. The surgery needs to be tailored appropriately to the patient’s cosmetic goals and their specific anatomic problem.

CHSCT: What are some of the most common misconceptions about plastic surgery?

Dr. El-Sheikh: That it’s dangerous, that it’s only for women or that there’s a specific age window for it. In reality, cosmetic surgery is very safe in the right patient, and there are age appropriate treatments at every stage of life. It’s also very common for both men and women.

CHSCT: What would you say to prospective patients who are considering plastic surgery?

Dr. El-Sheikh: I would say the first step is to find a plastic surgeon who’s best qualified for the work. That would mean someone who is board-certified in plastic surgery and experienced in performing the treatment you are seeking.

You should come to the consultation with an open mind, but at the same time, be specific about your cosmetic goals. That’s the best way for you and your surgeon to figure out what treatment is right for you.

Choosing a plastic surgeon is as much about finding the surgeon with the right skills, as it is about finding a surgeon with which you have good rapport. You need to be able to communicate well with each other throughout your treatment journey. After meeting with your cosmetic surgeon, you should feel like your were listened to and that all your questions were answered before deciding you the best treatment for you.

To learn more about your plastic & cosmetic surgery options, visit our website. 

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