February 25, 2019

Family Practice membership: From urgent care to long-term health for your family

What is the Family Practice membership program at False Creek Healthcare Centre?

This is one of our most popular health services for individuals and families wanting quick-access, personal, unhurried, comprehensive, and continuous health care from a family physician, available at False Creek Healthcare Centre.

How does this program benefit you and your family?

Through regular checkups, you and your family will develop a relationship with our general practitioners and specialists. Getting to know each other lets our staff develop a deeper understanding of your family’s history and health. You will also become comfortable and trust our staff, letting you communicate your needs and concerns more clearly. This personal relationship, the ability to document your family history, and monitor your health over time, helps us provide you with the best long-term care. With our expedited service, we are always available to see you with no wait lists.

What GP (General Practitioner) services are available?

Our primary care health care services include walk-in urgent care treatments, GP consultation on both a single visit or annual membership basis and a number of specialty health assessments and programs including Comprehensive Health, Women’s Wellness and more. Many of our patients access our services as a supplement to their existing GP relationship or as an alternative to traditional walk-in clinics. Our annual Family Practice membership program offers the best value for individuals and families who prefer more consistent health care oversight and support from a physician.

Family Practice membership features:

  • Unhurried appointments
  • On-site testing & diagnostics
  • Limited number of families per physician
  • Preferred rates on other services

Why choose False Creek Health Care Centre?

Your Family Practice membership is handled at our state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary Vancouver center. This gives you direct access to on-site family physicians and includes easy-access appointments, where patients are not rushed or limited in the number of issues they wish to discuss.

This allows sufficient time for our GP’s to care for day to day health concerns, including diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries, conditions, and illnesses. This ensures patients have an opportunity to develop a close, trusting relationship with an individual doctor. Along with our varied forms of preventative care, health assessments and management of chronic conditions, you have quick access to our specialists and surgical care when needed.

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