COVID-19 Update

Our surgical clinics are open for scheduled surgical procedures, and are providing convenient virtual consultations and telehealth care. At Clearpoint Health Network (formally known as Centric Health Surgical) the health and safety of our patients, physicians, and employees are our top priorities. Our facilities are taking proactive measures to mitigate risks and to eliminate potential community spread of COVID-19. Our surgical facilities are implementing approaches consistent with provincial and national guidelines. We are working with regional, provincial, and national health agencies to ensure we’re in align with their current recommendations.

I would like to remind everyone to take care of yourselves, families, and neighbours. If you can take away one message, it is important to remember that:

Regular handwashing, proper cough and sneeze etiquette, cleaning high touch surfaces frequently and social distancing are your best defence against spreading all illnesses, including COVID-19.

We thank all our patients for their understanding as we continue to respond to this rapidly changing situation.
If you would like to speak with our Patient Advisors, please call 1-866-364-3143.

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