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Male breast reduction helps to restore a more masculine and athletic appearance by removing excess fat from the chest area.

What is male breast reduction surgery (gynecomastia)?

Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by over-developed or enlarged breasts, common in men of all ages, which is the result of hormonal changes, heredity conditions, disease or the use of certain drugs. Male breast reduction surgery removes excess fat from the chest area.

Why choose male breast reduction surgery?

Gynecomastia can cause emotional discomfort and impair your self-confidence. This surgery reduces “male breasts” by removing excess fat in the chest area to restore a more masculine and athletic looking body.

Male breast reduction surgery results

Our doctors will focus on delivering a satisfying lasting Gynecomastia result that is significant, natural-looking, with an enhanced shape that is immediately noticeable after surgery. All scars are permanent, though most scars may be concealed in the natural contours of the chest.

Our goal is to help you achieve an improved upper body that can help to enhance self-image and confidence. If gynecomastia was caused by the use of certain prescription medications, drugs (including steroids or weight gain supplements), please be aware that you must be fully free from these substances and remain at a stable weight in order to maintain your results.

What to expect during a male breast reduction surgery

Your plastic surgeon will make an inconspicuous incision on the edge of the areola or in the underarm area. They will then remove the excess fatty tissue, skin, and glandular tissue from the sides and bottom of the breast.

In cases where gynecomastia is primarily the result of excess fatty tissue, liposuction techniques alone may be used. There are various liposuction techniques that may be used; your plastic surgeon will determine the technique most appropriate to your case prior to your procedure.

Recovery after male breast reduction surgery

After surgery, you will likely experience some discomfort, which can easily be controlled with medication. You will also have some bruising and swelling in the breast area. Most swelling will dissipate in the first few weeks. To help reduce swelling, an elastic pressure garment may be worn for one to two weeks.

Get male breast reduction surgery with Centric Health

Many men from across Canada and all over the world choose Centric Health Surgical Centres for male breast reduction. Our board-certified surgeons have years of experience with gynecomastia procedures and are committed to helping you regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire.

Our pre and post-operative care is exceptional, and combined with our patient-centred philosophy will provide you with a positive and rewarding experience.

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