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A CT colonography is a diagnostic procedure designed to screen for polyps or cancer in the large intestine.

What is a CT colonography?

A CT colonography, or virtual colonoscopy, is a diagnostic procedure designed to screen for polyps or cancer in the large intestine. Polyps are growths on the inner lining of the intestine which may become cancerous if left unchecked.

Why have a CT colonography?

Colonography screening is intended to find these growths in their early stages, before cancer has developed, so that they can be safely removed. Most physicians agree that people over the age of fifty should be screened every seven to 10 years for polyps. Individuals at increased risk, or with a family history of colon cancer, may start screening more frequently and at a younger age. A history of polyps, a family history of colon cancer, or the presence of blood in the stool are among the risk factors for these types of cancer.

Reference: Technical Advances in Colorectal Cancer Screening (PDF)

Preparing for a CT colonography

Just like a regular colonoscopy, bowel prep is still required before the exam to clean the colon and provide a clear image so that any abnormalities can be clearly identified. Your patient care coordinator will provide you with instructions and details for the prep that is needed.

What to expect with a CT colonography

One of our expert technologists will escort you into the CT scanning room, containing a table and a large, circular device called a gantry. Your technologist will have you lie on the padded table and make sure that you’re comfortable. You will be asked to lie very still and hold your breath for a short time during the scan in order to minimize any body movement and produce a clear image.

A small catheter will be used to inflate the colon with CO2. During this part of the procedure you may be required to lie on your side to achieve the optimal inflation of your colon. Your CT technologist will then ask you to lie on your back and stomach while images are taken.

Your technologist will monitor you during the entire exam and will be able to communicate with you through an intercom.

The scan takes approximately half an hour to perform. Preparation and image reconstruction may add an extra half hour, depending on the specifics of the exam.

After your CT colonography

Our radiologists will carefully analyze your CT images and provide a report to your physician. Once they have received the report your physician will then discuss the results with you.

Your CT technologist will also provide you with a CD, DVD or USB containing the images from your scan when you leave.

Get a CT colonography with Centric Health

Many men and women from across Canada and all over the world choose Centric Health Surgical Centres for CT Colonographies. We use the latest scanning equipment and employ highly trained technicians who are sensitive to your needs and concerns. Combined with our patient-centred philosophy, we aim to provide all our patients with a compassionate, caring, and rewarding experience.

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