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Escape the rush. Patients receive prompt attention and have time to discuss all their concerns.

What is the Family Practice membership program?

The Family Practice membership program is one of our most popular health services. Program members include individuals and families wanting quick-access, personal, unhurried, comprehensive, and continuous health care from a family physician that they are able to get to know and trust with all their health care needs. We believe that quality of care is improved and patient outcomes are enhanced when physicians have sufficient time to develop and document family history, listen to all patient concerns, and monitor changes over time, so even small changes can be recognized and dealt with proactively and quickly.

What GP (General Practitioner) services are available?

Our primary care health care services include walk-in urgent care treatments, GP consultation on both a single visit or annual membership basis and a number of specialty health assessments and programs including Functional Medicine, Executive Health, Women’s Wellness and more. Many of our patients access our services as a supplement to their existing GP relationship or as an alternative to traditional walk-in clinics. Our annual Family Practice membership program offers the best value for individuals and families who prefer more consistent health care oversight and support from an individual physician.

Family Practice membership features

  • On-site testing & diagnostics
  • Limited number of families per physician
  • Preferred rates on other services

What can I expect as a Family Practice member?

Family Practice membership provides direct access to on-site family physicians and includes easy-access appointments which are not rushed, so patients are not limited in the number of issues they wish to discuss.

This allows sufficient time for our GP’s to care for day to day health concerns, including diagnosis, treatment and management of injuries, conditions, and illnesses. This ensures patients have an opportunity to develop a close, trusting relationship with a doctor.

This informed, consistent continuum of care ensures our physicians gain a greater understanding of the “big picture” of your health. Our family doctors have various interests in preventative health care, brain health, emergency medicine, functional medicine, management of chronic conditions and personalized medicine, and are able to offer referral options for additional specialist, diagnostic and surgical care when required.

Additionally, with our wide variety of health assessments, advanced diagnostic imaging and laboratory testing, and extensive roster of specialists and surgeons available for surgery and consultation, we are able to provide rapid diagnosis and subsequent treatment options, delivering timely, appropriate, personalized care – all under one roof and at preferred rates for Family Practice members.

Get a Family Practice membership at False Creek Healthcare Centre

The Family Practice program is an extension of a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary facility. With rapid direct access to diagnostics, specialists and surgeons, it is a truly integrated medical facility that houses four operating rooms, five recovery beds, individual overnight stay rooms, and the some of the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology in BC.

Our network of Surgeons and Specialists consist of professionals versed in progressive, cutting-edge techniques in fields ranging from orthopaedics to plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition to broad-based proficiency, each surgeon has a particular area of specialization assuring expert treatment in all procedures we perform. Each surgical procedure is overseen by a skilled anaesthetist and supported by specialized nurses, ensuring optimum safety and quality care.

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