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A third party examination for injured employees, to determine eligibility to get back to work

What’s an Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

An Independent Medical Examination is an accurate and defensible medical report, conducted primarily for the legal industry and insurance companies.

Our physicians provide a detailed and defensible report regarding the client’s medical history, physical and psychological injuries, diagnosis, prognosis, causation, apportionment and recommendations for further investigations and treatment options.

A thorough examination is conducted by our physicians and results are shared with all parties involved. The examination results are provided in clear and defensible commentary on the impact the injury has on daily living, as well as work demands and the client’s ability to return to work.

Worker’s Compensation Appeal Tribunal

We offer a comprehensive detailed assessment for injured workers, who are appealing Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT) decisions, performed by our physicians who have extensive experience with the medical aspects of compensation issues.  Our reports provide information on causation, disability, and permanent functional impairment issues.

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Many men and women from across Canada and all over the world choose Centric Health Surgical Centres for their Independent Medical Examination. With our patient-centred philosophy, we aim to provide all our patients with a compassionate, caring, and rewarding experience.

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